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B-Side Magazine is College Hill's only music publication, focusing on student musicians and local acts in Rhode Island. We provide a place for the local music community to discover and discuss all things music-related. B-Side hopes to expose people to new sounds and get them to share their passion for music. Look out for some quality noise.

Email us with comments, suggestions, or pitches. If you are a musician, feel free to reach out to us and we'll find a way to spotlight your work. If you are an aspiring writer, send us an idea for an article, outlining the main subject, what reporting you plan to do, and a short explanation of the general form. If you are a business/music venue, let us know about upcoming shows as well. 

Contact: bsideprovidence@gmail.com

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Max Luebbers

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Content Director: Elena Householder-Rivera

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Cordelia Murphy
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Luca O’donell
Michaelangelo Coppa

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Multimedia Director: JD Calvelli

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Graham Keeley