A Quick Chat with Whitney

Image courtesy of Whitney

Interview by Caroline Moses

Our very own Caroline Moses got to speak with Spring Weekend 2018 performers Whitney this week via email and ask them a few questions. Read below to learn more about the band after their set on Saturday!


Caroline Moses: I know you guys have spent a lot of time on the road in the past couple years, what do you like to put on in the van? Do you prefer to listen to music, news, do you just prefer to talk to each other? 

Whitney: For the first couple months of a touring cycle everyone is listening to music together and putting people on to whatever they’re into at the moment. After a few months everyone seems to either sleep or listen to their own podcasts or whatever. It’s kinda depressing but that’s kinda how it works. Everyone still makes van jokes though.

CM: Speaking of touring, have you been to Providence before? Do you have any stories about the town?

W: We’ve never played a show there but we used to crash at a friends house in Providence when we were passing through. We’re psyched to play it for the first time!

CM: Lastly, I know you guys are working on another record – congrats, by the way, on the huge success of your debut. How do you think your songwriting has changed, if it has, since your last album? Has performing the first record informed the way you think about writing the next one?

W: Thanks!

We’re writing LP2 using basically the same methods as LUTL. It’s mostly the two of us pacing around our apartment treating every song as its own weird melodic puzzle. We’re still aiming for the heart with these songs but I would say lately we’re using a little more harmony to get there. 

At the end of the day we’re still just trying to surprise ourselves with what we write and so far it feels like we’re succeeding. Hopefully it surprises y'all too!