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An Interview With Towanda

Auriane Benabou

“It’s politics and theatre but also there’s a literary aspect and I get to write lyrics. Also getting into music has been awesome for me cause it’s a technical skill set which is not something I had. I grew up with only girls in a pretty stereotypical way and like, a guitar is a machine and I like that, and I like figuring it out.”

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More Than Just Fine.: An Interview with Iz Dungan and Ly Barber

Marian Chudnovsky

Providence-based duo Fine., Iz Dungan and Ly Barber, make music that is equal parts tender and punk. Their songs feature a distinct combination of strong guitar riffs, occasional screaming, and reflective lyrics about self-love, queerness, and healing. Their music is a product of a deep friendship, a collaboration apparent in their recorded music and live shows. The pair dropped their first full-length album, Flesh//Vessel in late 2018. I spoke to Iz and Ly a few months after the release about the band’s evolution, building community, and “screaming about being really gay.”

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