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Summer Seventeen

B-SIDE Magazine

Introduction by Michael O'Neill

Hello B-SIDE readers! The fall semester is underway which means we’re back and loading up on fresh content ready to go for the upcoming months. To kick things off, we asked each B-SIDE staff member to name their song of the summer and threw them all into one handy-dandy playlist for you all. From the sugary infectiousness of Charli XCX and Phoenix to the delicate beauty of SZA and Frank Ocean, this playlist serves an excellent recap of an awesome summer of music.

Intro to Shoegaze: From '90's to Now

Michael O’Neill

Shoegaze is the perfect genre of music for staring up at the sky and allowing your mind to drift off in a blissful daydream. Potent, heavily-distorted guitars swirl around each song, encircling a wall of booming drums and starry-eyed vocals. A shoegaze track can be as delicate as a flower or powerful as a waterfall, or anything in between. The genre saw its heyday in early-1990’s Britain, but a recent resurgence of shoegaze-flavored indie rock has piqued interest in the rock style once again. Take a ten-track trip through shoegaze’s history below, covering both the genre’s early titans and modern disciples.