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A Phone Call with a Brown Alumna: Erin McKeown

Caitlin McCartney

“The thing that happens to women I think, especially in the arts, is where you kinda disappear in this sort of mid-career shadow. There is a narrative of being young and new, and then there's the narrative of being kind of a wizened legend who has somehow survived, and there's no narrative in between and that happens to women in all aspects of the arts.”

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Gigs on the Grass: Photo Recap

B-SIDE Magazine

A look back on our first annual GOTG.

Photo credits to Naomy Pedroza.

Folk Festival 2016

Katherine Chavez

The annual Brown Folk Festival took place on April 22nd and 23rd this year at the Pembroke Field House and Lincoln Field, both on Brown’s campus. Amidst early, rainy weather on Saturday, the sun came out to shine on a series of exciting yet soothing performances. B-Side interviewed four of the many groups who performed and discovered that most of them rarely locate themselves solely in the folk genre.

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Spring Weekend: Some Thoughts

Jake Goodman

During both days of Spring Weekend, when the phrase “how are you” was converted to “what are you on/how drunk are you,” there was something gorgeous about the madness of the occasion. It was mesmerizing to see all these students who had gone through the college transition process by nourishing their sense of responsibility sweep aside that precious trait in the name of Dionysian debauchery for an arbitrary April weekend. I felt compelled to join in it, to not question why there was a couch in the middle of Wriston Quad or why Natural Lights were freckling the entirety of Brown’s campus; it was a celebration of our home, a way to feel a tangible bond with our mutual environment when it usually exists intangibly. 

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Like Fall in New England: An Interview with Kristen Jones

Daven McQueen

I really love writing and performing music, even if I don’t get to do it quite as much as I want to. And it’s been frustrating at times for me to perform music and do it, just ‘cause I didn’t start playing and writing till really late. And I taught myself how to play, so I’m not great technique-wise all the time, I just learn by looking up chords and listening to songs and trying to figure it out for myself. But it’s something that I love to do, and I’m looking forward to doing it for a long time and hopefully getting somewhere with it.

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That Dude With The Bun: An Interview with Peter Enriquez

Ben Williams

I came in here not as a music major and I was not intending to play much music. I was trying to do something else. Until I conceded to music after I realized that it was the only thing I cared about, my whole dynamic changed at school, and I liked it more. I met so many more people and people who I shared interests with. I really credit the Brown music scene with making me a happy person, but also I drained myself doing it.

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3.5.2016 Coffee Haus

Lauren Shin

Photos courtesy of Lauren Shin

B-SIDE Coffee Haus is a monthly showcase of College Hill musicians in the Faunce Underground, where we pair chill tunes with fresh coffee. If you're interested in playing at the next Coffee Haus, fill out the form here


Artists featured:

Abby Sessions '16
Julia Rosenfeld '19
Rudy Torres '16
Aidan Cron '19 & Daniel Davis '19
Now Hiring '18